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Anglo Expert – The End of Anglophobia
Week 1
Intro Video for End of Anglo Phobia
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Anglo Expert – The End of Anglophobia

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Anglo Expert – The End of Anglophobia


About this course

You have tried different ways to learn to speak English and you have failed. We have been doing some research in this for the past few years and we have come out with the best solution. We have designed a course that is different and will make you speak English with a global accent. This home learning program will change the way you speak in English. Where the conventional methods fail, our unique methodology succeeds in making you speak good and correct English confidently and comfortably.



1. No written work
2. No grammatical explanation
3. Formatted bouncing is the chief technique
4. Vocalization
5. Response to cues for dialogue practice
6. Continues output by the learners


1) English fluency drill – A set of 20 lessons
Broad contents:
a) 100’s of structures and cues
b) Using the right tense
c) Positives, negatives and questions – How to use them?
d) extensive practice
d) substitution drill
e) Commands and requests
f) Practice of different tense patterns
g) Almost 4500 sentences for practice
e) British model of pronunciation


2) English pronunciation
Broad contents:
a) The 44 sounds of English
b) Pronouncing the alphabet right
c) How spelling is not a guide to English pronunciation
d) Sounds unique to English
e) Tricky sounds – knowing the differences
f) Words often mispronounces in India
g) practice of few words
f) Right pausing
g) stress patterns
f) An intro into phonetic spelling
g) British model of pronunciation


3) Paradigm practice – 20 lessons
Practice of the tense structures.
100’s of sentences and patterns for practice.


60 additional lessons for listening and practicing



1 Those who studied English for a few years either in a school or a college and yet are not confident in English.
2 All those whose exposure has been restricted to written English.
3 Teachers, students, housewives, professionals, jobseekers and anyone who want to develop their Spoken English skills.
4 Those who have some fluency and confidence in spoken English and would like to fine-tune their language.
5 Anyone who wants to acquire a global accent.



  1. Products backed by over 15 years of research.
  2. Focus on English as it is spoken globally.
  3. Your English improves from the very first lesson.
  4. Your confidence level will go up.
  5. Your mouth will get tuned to speak English.
  6. You can totally overcome fear of grammar.

What do you get when you enroll for the course?

  1. one year online access of the video lessons.
  2. A book : English Expert – the end of Anglophobia
  3. Free access to a private facebook group to clarify your doubts and chat with experts.


24X7 online support

9am to 6pm over phone Monday to Saturday.



Week 1
Intro Video for End of Anglo Phobia

1 video
2 minutes

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